I love the purity and delicacy of white daffodils. I took this at Volunteer Park Conservatory recently. Some day I’m going to have them coming up in my yard. Last year I bought a whole lot of “mixed” daffs but was disappointed to find them all plain yellow when they came up. Not that there’s anything wrong with yellow daffodils, it’s just that I really like the white fancy kinds, too. What kinds do you grow?

Visit Macro Monday, Macro Friday, Mellow Yellow Monday and Flowers on Saturday. I didn’t tweak this one at all, so it’s good for SOOC Sunday (straight out of the camera), too. It’s neat shadows qualify for Shadow Shot Sunday, as well. Check out Free Photos next door to see what’s new, and do click onthe  Sara’s Fave Photos banner on top if you see only one image below.

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