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Published Sunday, May 15, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Garden Bloom Day for May

There’s a garden meme called Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, and each month on the fifteenth people post what’s blooming in their garden that day. It’s quite a show. Some posts give me such spring-weather envy I cannot tell you. We are having serious warm-weather delay in Seattle, with the coldest April on record and heading that way for May, too. But occasionally there are dry spells, and if it hits 60 degrees F we are so happy!

This large Blushing Lady tulip didn’t bloom at all last year and I thought she was dead, but she sent up two (out of 6 bulbs) flowers after taking the year off and I do love this tulip. I’ve learned that you mustn’t plant things that need watering over them for the summer, because it causes the bulbs to rot. So much for that garden plan. I’ll have to find a spot that I don’t want to plant in the summer for next year, and plant new tulips there.

Behind the tulip are rust-colored wallflowers and to the left are red rhododendrons.

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blushing lady tulip, pink and yellow tulip, blush tulip in garden


Published Saturday, May 14, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Portland Japanese Garden in Spring

If you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area in the springtime, this place is a must-see. Enormous, magnificent, and brilliantly conceived and tended, it just knocked my socks off. Rain or shine, a scenic wonderland. Please see Free Photos “next door” (link below the header above) for more from that locale. You can search there for Japanese garden if that series is no longer at the top.

I love this photo and have called it my Best Post of the Week.

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portland japanese garden, reflecting pool, azaleas, springtime, willow tree, spring, ball azaleas


Published Friday, May 13, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Volunteer Park Conservatory with tulips

A recent visit to Seattle’s hidden gem, Volunteer Park Conservatory (which by the way is trying to raise serious money to finish a much-needed renovation—learn more at Critical Moment on their site), in pretty afternoon light, showcasing the magnificent outdoor tulips. I love the color combo. Their gardeners are just world class.

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Seattle, Volunteer Park Conservatory, spring tulips, scenic, glass house, victorian greenhouse, crystal palace


Published Thursday, May 12, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Seattle blue sky with clouds

Sometimes photographic errors turn out kind of well. I didn’t expose this properly, but I love the deep, dramatic effect it gives that sky. The cityscape becomes quite unimportant, which in this case it is, because I admit it was those clouds that made me point that camera.

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scenic clouds above qwest field, puffy white clouds, deep blue sky


Published Tuesday, May 10, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Mini Spring bouquet

This Spring is late, late, late. I checked my garden photo archives and this sweet mini-bouquet was taken last year, two weeks before this date, and we are not up to several of these flowers quite yet. I did see a few lilies of the valley out there, yes on the violets, and the forget-me-nots definitely, but not yet for the blue bachelor buttons or lavender scabiosa. I don’t know what that magenta one is; maybe a kind of geranium. Soon all will bloom. We are waiting!

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small spring flowers in glass vase, pansy, lily of the valley, forget-me-not, scabiosa


Published Thursday, May 5, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Red peony with yellow center

One of my favorite things about belonging to a local garden club is that every 3 months they all get together and bring flowers to show (“hort” as it’s known, or horticulture). I don’t care about the ribbons they award, but this particular venue has a skylight over the display tables and the effect on a sunny day can be dazzling. I think this kind of peony is called a single form, but I am no expert. I only wish I had grown it in my own garden, but at least I can take a photo—and share it with you!

Today, I have the honor of being Guest Friend on Today’s Flowers and you might hie on over there to see some magnolia photos I took last week in my backyard. Plus many other lovely blooms from around the world, with a new thumbnail linky!

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single form red peony, red peony with yellow center, macro, close up, side view


Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Dusk overlooking Puget Sound

This was taken exactly one year ago, around the block from my house. Sunsets have an eternal quality, although they are so brief in reality. I do love this time of day with its soft, pink light, and hope you like this view of a peaceful moment.

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dusk, puget sound, trees, sunset, water view


Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Scenic red tulips

You can’t go wrong with a huge field of tulips and a barn in the distance. Scenigasm! Just a tiny bit of sunshine peeked through the very cloudy skies to give these red tulips a little happy boost. It’s been so cold this year that I bet there are still quite a few blooming in Skagit Tulip Festival near Mt. Vernon,WA. If you’re nearby and it’s a nice day as is predicted for tomorrow, do go and see.

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skagit tulip festival, scenic, tulip field with barn, cloudy day, flowers, red tulips


Published Sunday, May 1, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Meadow rue leaves

Meadow rue is a great perennial plant in the flower garden. I believe that its flowers come in yellow and lavender at least; this one is a lavender. The leaves actually look very much like columbine, but this plant gets much taller, maybe 4 or 5 feet (1.5 meters). It’s getting ready to have puffy, hairy sort of flowers, kind of like ageratum. Doesn’t sound pretty, but it is. I’ll show a photo when it’s blooming, which should be in a week or two. I like tall flowering plants as they just feel so abundant, plus of course the flowers are closer to my eye level.

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meadow rue leaves, shadows, macro, close up, green, veins, leaf veins


Published Friday, April 29, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

White and pink ruffled daffodils

This is a new kind of daffodil for me. So sweet and romantic! They were in a nursery display potted up for folks and I almost bought some. But the rain we’ve been having would probably have ruined them outside. I heard that Seattle has had the coldest spring on record, so I feel a teensy bit justified in my complaining.

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daffodils, ruffled centers, fluffy daffodils, white petals, close up,  macro


Published Thursday, April 28, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Cirrus clouds or mares’ tails

These high, wispy clouds are some of my favorites. They are a high pressure kind of thing, but I think mean that low pressure, or rain, is on the way. I just love the streaky look they have, sort of painted on the sky. This is that fishing pier in Des Moines, WA, that you’ve seen in other photos below, from a different angle.

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cirrus clouds, mares tails clouds, blue sky, puget sound, fishing pier


Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011, OK personal/derivative use; link

Sun diamonds on the water

Here’s a view of Puget Sound with the sun brilliantly reflecting on the water, but dark and rainy clouds over Vashon Island in the distance. That’s our Seattle-area weather, when we’re lucky.

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puget sound, water, waterscape, sunlight, vashon island