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Published Wednesday, August 12, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Lake, symbol of pleasure

In the I Ching, ancient Chinese system for understanding things, the symbol for Pleasure is Lake. Interestingly, the symbol for Danger is Water. But that’s another story.

In any case, this view of crystal-clear waters of a corner of Lake Cushman truly gives me pleasure. You can just see the fishing line of a person out of the frame trying his luck. I am content to just view the water, or perhaps get my feet wet. On second thought, let’s jump in!

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Published Tuesday, August 11, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Five roses

So now I have this new rose garden, with 18 new rose bushes. It was so much work to create it, but the rewards are immense. I love to go out and clip the fading flowers so the petals don’t strew around in the wind. Sometimes I get a little over-enthusiastic in my deadheading and then I have fullblown roses looking at me soulfully in the clippings bucket. I rescued five of these and put them in a bowl of water.

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Published Monday, August 10, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Black-eyed Susan

It’s Macro Monday time. This Black-eyed Susan or rudbeckia plant is a real winner to me because it blooms midsummer and later in sun or shade and survives really tough conditions. This lovely blossom was in my friend Eileen’s garden. And happy Mellow Yellow Monday!



Published Saturday, August 8, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Happy Anniversary to Flowers For Today

Today (Sunday) is the first anniversary of one of my favorite memes in the blogosphere, Flowers For Today. This idea was created by Luiz Santilli Junior one year ago today, and I am honored to be Guest Friend on this special day. Thank you, Luiz! It’s so true that everyone loves flowers.

Below is my photo which is posted on their site today. It was taken just a few days ago on my patio here in Seattle, and I grew many of the plants from seeds. Dusty, our cat who is posing so nicely, is the kind of kitty who loves everyone. If you visit, she will love you, too. She is an inspiration to me.


I thought I’d post a couple of extra flower pictures today, in honor of this special day. Below are flowers from my friend Cindy’s amazing deck and garden, and one of her dahlias. Enjoy this happy day.




Published Saturday, August 8, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Scenic Lake Cushman

While I was in the folder of Lake Cushman photos for the shadow shot below, I saw this photo, taken on the same day, and knew it needed to be posted for Scenic Sunday. Enjoy!



Published Saturday, August 8, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Camping shadows

Here’s a shot from our camping trip to Lake Cushman a couple of weeks ago, before the really hot weather took hold around here. This was a perfect day, temps in the low 80s, and the smell of the woods and the oxygen and the lake nearby was heaven, as far as I am concerned. Thank you to Tracy at Hey Harriet for opening my eyes to shadows in a powerful way. I love shadows! Visit Shadow Shot Sunday for more oh-so-interesting shadows seen everywhere.



Published Friday, August 7, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Pink Saturday cosmos blossom

This little bouquet photo is a companion one to a post a few weeks ago featuring a red dahlia, which you can see to the left. I try to post only one when there are two similar images I like, but I am making an exception for this lovely. Flowers just float my boat, is all. Happy Pink Saturday to you!

And welcome to the Color Carnival meme and visitors. I think this one is bright enough!



Published Wednesday, August 5, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Garlic harvest, for free

This is one of my favorite garden tips.

When cooking, especially in the cold winter months when you make lots of stews and such, save those stubby bits cut off of the bottom of the garlic cloves. Really, those teensy little things! Go outside and poke them into your vegetable bed, maybe an inch under the ground. If you can, put it with the cut side up. It will grow, I swear, into a plant, and in July after the green tops wither you will have a whole head of garlic! No need to buy special “seed” garlic and waste it by putting the cloves into the ground without using them first.


I learned this after observing that the sliced off root ends of onions sometimes sprouted in the compost pile. I moved that first plant into my garden, and I’ve been planting onion bottoms and watching them turn into big plants ever since. But this is the first time I thought to try it with garlic. Look what I dug up a week or so ago! And these two dozen plants grew in maybe a square foot and a half of space, the plants just a few inches apart.


Think Green Thursday is a site about living more “greenly.” To me, growing your own food is one of the greenest things you can do.


Published Tuesday, August 4, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Puget Sound from the 75th floor

I was lucky enough to have lunch today in the luxurious Columbia Tower Club, members and guests only, on the 75th floor of the tallest building in Seattle, on yet another blessed sunny day. This is the view. For more watery wonders, visit Watery Wednesday.



Published Monday, August 3, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Ruby chard

This is a variety of Swiss Chard called Bright Lights. It’s pretty as a bouquet, with some pink stems, white stems, and here you can see the yellow and the red. Chard is so easy to grow from seeds or starts, and in climates like Seattle, actually winters over sometimes.

Chard and garlic are made for each other. Lightly steam the cut-up chard (I cut up the stems separately and start them first so they cook just a bit longer), then dump all into plenty of hot olive oil that has a whole lot of lightly browned sliced garlic in it. Cook a little more and then serve. A Sicilian way is to mix in steamed potatoes. Yum!

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Published Monday, August 3, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Macro and Mellow Yellow Monday

Flowers, flowers, flowers. I can’t understand why some Seattlites say that Seattle only does Spring well, in the garden. Hogwash. There are so many lovelies blooming! Here’s a sweet begonia, about four inches across. I took the hanging basket in over the winter, and here it is again. How easy is that?

It’s a close-up, so fits the Macro Monday meme, and the splash of yellow qualifies it for Mellow Yellow Monday. Both excellent and exciting memes, filled with creativity. Visit or better yet, participate!



Published Monday, August 3, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Digital photography class, free!

Sorry I haven’t posted this earlier, but there’s still time to sign up for the last session (composition, should be fun) of the free Digital Photography online course offered by I’ll be there!

Their course offerings have been spectacularly wonderful, and all free. You can purchase the webinar and handout downloads, but you don’t have to. Highly recommended.

4-Week Digital Photography Course

This is the final week of John Greengo’s digital photography course. And this is the topic we’ve all be waiting for. You’ve learned the technical aspects of your camera, is the fun part.

Date/Time: Wednesday Aug 5, 11am Pacific
Length: 90 Minutes