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Published Friday, July 17, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

What are these flowers?

I wish it was easier to find out the name of flowers you don’t know. This one is an oldie; my mom grew it when I was a kid in Queens, New York, in her beautiful garden. It grows well up here in Seattle and reseeds itself. It’s two or three feet tall, and kind of hard to photograph, with deep, brilliant magenta flowers and silvery foliage. I figure magenta is a kind of pink, so I’m including it for Pink Saturday.

Does anyone know the name? I’d be so grateful.



Published Thursday, July 16, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Look up, up in the sky

The great thing about Skywatch Friday is the amount of looking up we all do now. This scene was from a hardware store parking lot. You can see showers falling a few miles away, but all was balmy and beautiful overhead.



Published Wednesday, July 15, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Riverside Park

This small park in Renton WA on the Cedar River is so small or unimportant it doesn’t show on our AAA map. But it’s lovely and perfect on a warm day. We went to be someplace cool and quiet, and rested on the grass and looked at the leaves. It was wonderful.

In terms of Think Green Thursday, even though parks are not wilderness, they remind us of how powerful and meaningful the simple outdoors experience can be.



Published Tuesday, July 14, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Old Kaiser car

There was a Fourth of July vintage autos exhibition at the Normandy Park Cove, and on a recent walk this specimen was in the neighborhood as evidence. I took a photo of the rear trunk plate because I’d never heard of a Kaiser car. Hope you like it.




Published Monday, July 13, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

International Festival for Ruby Tuesday

Seattle has an International Festival in the International District which really seems to be Chinatown, mostly. We went last year, had a great time, and were glad to see it was bigger this year, but I could do without the amplified karaoke. There was wonderful dancing on the Dragon Stage by several Punjabi groups, and the vendors included a food carver, below. Red is the color of good fortune in China, you know, so there was lots everywhere.

For even more red, visit Ruby Tuesday. And for more seriously bright colors, visit Color Carnival.





Published Sunday, July 12, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link


These shasta daisies are a yellow color that I haven’t seen before. I saw then on a walk in the neighborhood the other day. Nothing like seeing what grows in your neighbors’ yards for ideas about what to plant. I’ll have to try these, I think.

For more close up shots of everything imaginable, visit Macro Monday, and for more golden goodness, visit Mellow Yellow Monday. And have fun, hear?



Published Sunday, July 12, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link


Did you know that the “hydra” in hydrangea means these plants love water? Up here in Seattle they can take full sun, but they must have water and plenty of it. You can also root the pruned stems very easily. When pruning in the spring, just poke the extra stems in the soft ground where they will be shaded by the mother plant, keep all moist, and you will be amazed by how easily they root. New plants!

This lovely specimen is from a friend’s garden. Happy Flowers for Today!



Published Saturday, July 11, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Shadows on the deck

I was lucky enough to be invited to tea at the home of a talented tea-maker, complete with little triangle sandwiches with the crust cut off. The weather was as superb as it gets, and here is a little slice of that heaven, with shadows. For more creative shadows seen in the most interesting places, visit Shadow Shot Sunday.



Published Saturday, July 11, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Pink Roses on a fence

I admire the restraint in planting one color of flower like this. I can’t seem to help wanting one of each color. The best I can do is plant groups of similar plants in different colors, which is just not as impressive as one huge color splash like this one. A neighbor’s garden on a walk the other day was so perfectly pink I had to share it. Happy Pink Saturday to all!



Published Thursday, July 9, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Seattle Skywatch Friday

Last week we had such fabulous weather. I was in Seattle driving downtown and during stopped traffic, out my open car window, shot this photo. It’s like two buildings and skies in one!

For more visions of skies around the world, visit Skywatch Friday.



Published Wednesday, July 8, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Think Green Thursday tomato growing tip

Everyone loves to grow tomatoes but not everyone knows how to make sure there are lots of tomatoes on the vines. With bees experiencing serious decline for unknown reasons (although I seem to see more this year than last year in my own garden), pollination can be a problem.

The solution? You! Assisted flower sex is the answer, and you get tomatoes for your trouble. Unless you are a farmer with acres of tomatoes, for a few backyard plants you can make a big difference in yield by going around your plants with a child’s little paintbrush, or even a cotton swab, and brushing each little yellow flower in turn. Do this every few days to catch as many flowers as possible, and you will be amazed at the results. And it’s fun!

Visit Think Green Thursday for more takes on the meaning of green.



Published Tuesday, July 7, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Raindrops for Watery Wednesday

This is from a neighborhood yard. Such a lovely specimen of a Japanese Maple. I love this photo and hope you don’t mind me counting raindrops as water for Watery Wednesday.