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Published Tuesday, January 6, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Ruby Peppers for Tuesday

Another post from the archives for Ruby Tuesday. This photo is one of my top faves, taken at a small town Northern California farmers market years ago. Hope you enjoy this depiction of abundance and the brilliant beauty of summer, which will come again! For more rubiness around the world, click HERE.



Published Sunday, January 4, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Flowers for today: a birthday bouquet

I crave summer and the flowers of summer. Here is a bouquet I picked in June for hubby’s birthday. For more flowers around the world, click HERE.



Published Sunday, January 4, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Shadows from Jerome, Arizona

I keep looking at the photos I’ve taken in Arizona when I think of shadows. This time I’m including a zoomed-out one so you see what this place is like. Jerome, Arizona is a neat, touristy but artsy town way up in the hills a few hours north of Phoenix. Since there are ruins I figure the town’s been there awhile. The middle photo is a restored tin ceiling in a cafe. And the bottom one is the real shadow shot, taken about a week before the solstice and pretty far south, so that shadow is dark and short. This was taken just walking down the main street. A good shadow, I think! For more fascinating shadows from all over the world, or to post your own, click HERE.





Published Friday, January 2, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Skywatch Friday Florida

Browsing through some old photos I found this I took somewhere in Florida in 1983! I really don’t remember where, maybe down in the Keys. But a pretty sky, a relaxing tropical feel, and a good start for the new year, I think. Here’s to scenic beauty and peace and relaxation in 2009.

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Published Wednesday, December 31, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Watery Wednesday in San Francisco

Last time we went to SF we took the Larkspur ferry to the new Ferry Terminal. Just wonderful, with super shopping and of course the scenery was perfect. This was taken on a warm day in February, and made me miss California so much. That’s the Bay Bridge in the distance.

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Published Tuesday, December 30, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Ruby Tuesday and Wordless Summer Strawberries

It’s winter here in Seattle and the two weeks of snow is gone, but summer is far away and seems almost impossible, somehow. But here are strawberries from July, sweet as sugar, to feast the eyes on, at least. For more ideas about the color red, click HERE.



Published Tuesday, December 23, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Ruby Tuesday Amaryllis

This amaryllis is sitting on my windowsill, with our snowy landscape for the background. It is a ruby thing of beauty, I think. And has a bonus for me, too: not one, but two flower stems from the same bulb. For more Rubiness, click HERE.

This is also my Flower for Today. For more flowers around the world, click HERE.



Published Sunday, December 21, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Scenic (and Wordless) Snowy Sunday, with Shadows

We’ve had an amazing amount of snow here in Seattle. I’ve got studded tires so I can get out if I need to, but I sure hope the power stays on. While it’s awfully inconvenient, with lots of  cancelled events and parties, it is incredibly beautiful as well. Here are a couple of recent early morning snow photos for your enjoyment. Check out the third one with the snowy horse, too.

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The horse you see in our neighbor’s pasture below is a mustang, so I guess she’s used to all kinds of weather and she didn’t feel like going into her barn just for a little snow. Later on she did, and I for one felt better.



Published Tuesday, December 16, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Two for Ruby Tuesday

I know I should save one for next week but I can’t resist. I love these photos, taken at a party on Sunday. Hope you enjoy them. The cake was at least as delicious as it looked. Not too sweet, with four layers of chocolate cake with nuts and cherries inside, just whipped cream on the outside, and the holly leaves handmade from white chocolate. I think it’s one of the best cakes I ever ate.

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Published Sunday, December 14, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Living Room (and Wordless) Shadows

Just a few short weeks ago, sunshine (and shadows!) in my living room. I ran for my camera. Here in Seattle you’ve got to be quick when the sun comes out.

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Published Sunday, December 14, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Snowy Scenic Sunday

It’s snowing right now here in Seattle but too dark for photos. The snow, our first this winter, made me look for something scenic to post that included snow. How about this one? Taken last year at my old house in the back yard. When nature cooperates, you don’t need to go far for photos worth taking. I hope you agree. For more Scenic Sunday posts, click HERE.



Published Thursday, December 11, 2008, OK personal/derivative use; link

Skywatch Friday: Clouds at Mt. Ranier

I was driving down the hill near my house and almost drove off the road when I saw, looking to the southeast, these clouds above Mt. Ranier. A quick look on the web revealed that these are Lenticular clouds, often mistaken for spaceships. No wonder!

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