Here’s another image of incredibly scenic Bowman Bay, at dusk. When I see a pink sky, I get such a photo thrill, I can’t tell you. And when that pink sky is over a scenic place, and I have a camera (of course!) and I can take the shot, there is such a deep satisfaction. And the best part is sharing it with you all, dear readers! Even though it’s only Tuesday evening, I love this image and I’m calling it my Best Post of the Week.

Participating this week at Pink Saturday, Mellow Yellow Monday, A Piece of Heaven, Skywatch Friday, Outdoor Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, Weekend Reflections, Scenic Sunday, SOOC Sunday (straight out of the camera), and Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Today I am linking to TWO new memes, Water World Wednesday and Nature’s Footsteps Waters. If this is the only photo below, please click on Sara’s Fave Photos Blog above to see the latest posts. Thank you so much for visiting, and please let me know what you think of this post. Candor appreciated.

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