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Published Sunday, July 22, 2012, OK personal/derivative use; link

Bowman Bay in Deception Pass, WA

We went camping. A short trip filled with fabulous weather, pouring rain, and absolutely gorgeous scenic views. Deception Pass State Park may be a bit noisy with the jets from a naval base thundering overhead, but it was so very lovely, I forgave the noise. That said, I did wait quite a while for the silence I wanted as a background for this very short video of the waves lapping the shore at Bowman Bay. We camped only a few hundred feet from this shore. Lucky us!

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Published Friday, November 26, 2010, OK personal/derivative use; link

Skywatching bonus

I had to share this video of the Aurora Borealis with you. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. More wonderful skies at Skywatch Friday.

Aurora Borealis timelapse HD – Tromsø 2010 from Tor Even Mathisen on Vimeo.


Published Tuesday, November 16, 2010, OK personal/derivative use; link

Ferny fountain

Here’s a video with a few seconds of water gently splashing into the fountain surrounded by ferns at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Visit Watery Wednesday for more kinds of water photos. Weekend Reflections has more intriguing visual reflections for you, too. And if there’s just this one video here, no photos, do click on Sara’s Fave Photos for the full blog. Don’t forget to scroll down for the hungry fish at the bottom of the page.


Published Tuesday, August 24, 2010, OK personal/derivative use; link

Sol Duc River & Madison Falls

I’m going to try to embed the link to the youtube video here.

It worked! But here’s another photo for you for Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday and Scenic Sunday. It’s of Madison Falls right off the Elwha river, same Olympic National Park and pretty close to the Sol Duc. The waterfall is about 40 or 50 feet high, but the great thing is it’s only a five-minute stroll from the parking lot. So cute, and you can get there in a wheelchair if you want to (if someone will push you up a mild grade). I was disabled at one time and there were so many things I couldn’t do, so I really appreciate a scenic delight that is accessible to people who cannot walk well.

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Published Wednesday, February 11, 2009, OK personal/derivative use; link

Watery and Wordless Wednesday Big Creek

This was taken at a campground near Mt. Ranier in Washington state. There were floods later on which roared through this area and it may not be possible to camp here any more.

I’m trying something new. I took a video, my very first, of the creek because it sounded so wonderful and with these newfangled digital cameras, you can. I’m uploading a low-resolution version here so you can hear how wonderful it was. Click on the link below the still photo. Let me know if this is worth it.

For more watery wonders, click HERE.




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